M A T T H E W    W H I T I N G

Garnering a wealth of experience from positions at Global Record Labels through to Community Radio stations or operating live music venues, Matthew has lived the bulk of his professional life working with music. Time spent as a part of the Australian music industry has seen Matthew work releases both locally and internationally, having worked alongside labels such as Atlantic, Epitaph, Unified, Rise, Sumerian, New West and Sub Pop to name a few. Friends Like Us is the culmination of these experiences, an effort to create and build a community of likeminded people with a diverse range of experiences and perspectives.


L A C H L A N    M O N T Y

Lachlan has been a part of the Australian Music Industry for 8+ years as a performer travelling around the world with acts such as Make Them Suffer & Earth Caller. These years have taught him what it's like to be a touring musician and understand the aspects required to achieve success. Outside of music Lachlan is an owner of the Melbourne bar/nightclub The Black Rabbit and has a passion for food and alcohol. Lachlan's talents lay in creative direction, marketing and media which he utilises in his media agency The Glass Collective.